Venera Swap

Subgraph API Overview

The Graph is a protocol for building decentralized applications (dApps) quickly on Ethereum, EVMs and IPFS using GraphQL. More infomation can be found in
VeneraSwap has a GraphQL API Endpoint hosted by The Graph called a subgraph for indexing and organizing data from the VeneraSwap smart contracts.
This subgraph can be used to query VeneraSwap data.
Subgraph information is serviced by a decentralized group of server operators called Indexers. Endpoints and API explorer: Explorer page:
API Endpoint: GraphQL Schema Example: { pancakeFactories(first: 5) { id totalPairs totalTransactions totalVolumeUSD } bundles(first: 5) { id bnbPrice } }
Take a look at the Entites of the queries in the next page.