Venera Swap
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First Phase:

DEX: Staking, trading, and farming.
Roadmap: A detailed roadmap will be shared.
Audit: Audited by Solidity Finance.
KYC: KYC done and approved by Ape O'Clock. ✅ Listed on Top Tier Exchanges: Getting listing on top tier exchanges. ✅ Info/Analytics: Create an info-analytics page for the swap using subgraphs APIs.

Second Phase:

🔄 ✅Additional farming pools: New and exclusive farming pools.
🔄 ✅ Partnerships: Partner with other projects (WIP) 🔄 Wallet: We are creating our very own non-custodial wallet with integrated Web3 Dapp browser and VenerSwap DEX. (Beta release soon)
🔄 NFT & P2P Market Place: NFT Marketplace.
🔄 Team: Expand the team. 🔄 Chart: Integrate a chart within the swap. 🔄 Zapping: Introducing zapping feature for LPs. 🔄 Multisig: Having a Multisig to insure transparency.
More features suggested and voted for by the community to be added.

Third Phase:

🔜 Moving all farms to boosted farms: Let the bribe wars begin.
🔜 V2: Release version 2 of the DEX with our very own unique UI and features. 🔜 Leveraged Trading: V2.
🔜 Cross-chain: Exploring the possibility to introduce cross chain to other blockchains such as Fantom, Polygon, and more... 🔜 Swap v2.0: Includes swapping Interest bearing Tokens, and creating pools for them.

Third Phase:

Secret project: Project "VVM"