❓How to use VeneraSwap's Boosted Farms

For How to also check our website : https://veneraswap.com/how-to-use-venera-swap

How to use Veneraswap iVSW 1- Choose a farm you want to invest in

2- Create an LP (liquidity provider) pair by going to Trade - Liquidity then proceed to add the pairs at a 1:1 ratio in $USD value. 3- Go back to boosted farms. 4- Unlock, connect, approve and deposit LP tokens you received for providing liquidity.

5- APR range varies, it start with a % and goes up to 2.5x factor that depends on the amount of VSW you lock and the period you lock it at. The more you lock the higher the boost factor.

6- Navigate to this section.

Here, you lock your VSW tokens for a period of time and gain iVSW a non-transferable token in return. If you lock for 4 years, you receive a 1:1 ratio, and if it's lower than 4 years then you receive less ratio. The more you hold the more you gain. How? Well Venera will be using the deposit fees from the boosted farms as well as the exchange fees to buyback VSW from the market and distributed to the holders of iVSW. The more you hold the more you gain, the higher the volume, the higher you gain. You will be able to claim you rewards once a week according to the Next Distribution block timer. You can enjoy the rewards or you can reinvest them in both creating LPs to gain more and in locking them to increase APR and also gain more. On the right hand side you will see a list of the boosted farms which will eventually be all farms when the migrate there. In this section you as a token holder get to decide the % of emission you want a certain pair to get by voting for it, 1 iVSW = 1 VOTE. This can also be used for bribe wars. For example for another project to guarantee a high emission allocation for its users to farm using their LP they will have to own/buy a big portion of the supply in order to have higher vote allocation to get higher emission. That in return increases the APR for that certain pool so the projects LP holders are happy, as well as increase buying pressure for VSW which will in return give iVSW more weekly gains as well as decreasing the circulating supply by locking the tokens for a long period which will in return have a positive effect on the price as the demand increases. It’s a win win situation for the users, projects, and the swap itself.

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