Venera Swap
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VSW Token

Venera Tokenomics

Token Details:

Ticker: VSW Boosted Farm ticker: iVSW VSW Contract address: 0x94174f59c009f49b6aBC362706fdA402616b0427 Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Total Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 Emission Rate: VSW/block; 0.015

Hybrid Mechanism

We have implemented a mechanism that will ensure VSW is regularly bought back and distributed to iVSW holders. For example:
The revenue generated by all of Venera Finance Ecosystem will be distrubted amongst iVSW holders in Real Yield.
  • "Deposit Fees" & "VSW Fees"
  • 1% Deposit fee will be charged on Boosted farms & pools (temporarily only)*;
  • 1% Deposit fee on selected normal farms (temporarily only)*;
  • 80% of the "Deposit Fee" will be used to Buyback VSW and then distributed it back to iVSW holders;
  • 20% of the "Deposit Fee" will be held for VSW Development & Marketing *Will remain for a period of time until enough fees are gathered to move into the next stage.